Car Rental Rwanda With Camping Gear/Equipment All-inclusive

Car Rental Rwanda With Camping Gear/Equipment All-inclusive. In need of the best self-drive safari vehicle rental in Rwanda, complete with tent and sleeping bag? You’ve joined the right organization and are in the right spot. Take in the breathtaking beauty of Rwanda’s hilly paradise with our car rental and camping gear package and be inspired and rewarded on your travels.

This is the finest option if you want to stay in the woods throughout your safari, regardless of your level of camping experience. Our professional safari organizers provide cutting-edge camping gear and equipment for a modest charge, recreating the feel of a real African safari in all its glory. The best and most up-to-date camping equipment is included with this 4×4 self-drive car hire in Rwanda, making it ideal for a camping safari. It really is that mind-blowing!

Camping at Akagera National Park

4×4 Car Rental Rwanda with Camping Gear/Equipment

Car rental drives also offers arrange of Kitchen camping equipment: Electric fridge, electric cooler box, Mugs, plates, desert cereal plates, knives, tea spoons, table spoons, water glasses, small Lamps; Large cooking pots with lids, bread knife, whisk, frying pan, can opener, bottle, opener, kettle, mixing/salad bowels, steak knives, utility knives, serving spoon, butcher knives, cutting board, spice grater, egg lifter, potato peeler, braai turner, pair of tongs, wooden spoon, funnel, sieve, storage box, cooler box, table cloth, utensil wiping towels, washing/scrubbing foils, dust pans, washing, basin, gas cylinders.

Yet our range of camping vehicles are equipped with Radios, MP3 player, Fire extinguishers, jumper cables, wheel spanner, Lifting Jack, pressure gauge, a spare wheel, Extension Lead, Reflector triangles,  puncture repair kit, towing rope, puncture repair kit, Air compressor,  First Aid kit and a shovel.

Whatever you need for your camping safari in Rwanda, Car rental drives will get you set; whether it be a fully-equipped camping canopy, an off-road adventure among others.

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