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Car Rental in Uganda. Rent a car in the Uganda and go on the road trip of a lifetime. Pick from a range of our car rentals in Uganda to enjoy everything Uganda has to offer.

Our experts at Car Rental Drives Africa can craft an exciting and varied schedule for your once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Uganda.

Allow us to assist you in crafting a meticulously organized schedule that incorporates your transportation, lodging, and (if preferred) permits for gorillas and chimpanzees. Feel free to take the wheel on your own adventure or opt for a guided tour with one of our knowledgeable local guides.

We hand-select stunning lodges for our self-drive tours so you can relax after a day on the road. Our preference is for eco-friendly boutique hotels that offer the best value for money, and we always keep an eye out for remarkable locations.

From making hotel reservations to arranging for car rentals and providing roadside support, our Car Rental Drives Africa team is at your service every step of the way. Get the greatest deals and enjoy hassle-free communication when you book directly with the provider. There are no middlemen and no false promises. Uganda is a stunning country; are you ready to see it?


Uganda Self Drive Safaris

Discover the attractions of Uganda in a way that is both unique and flexible with Car Rental Drives Africa. Our exciting self-drive trips combine comfort with freedom and flexibility with the option to rent 4×4 cars and stay in comfortable accommodations. Our Uganda safari excursions and routes are meticulously arranged to allow you the opportunity to explore at your own leisure while passing through the most stunning landscapes and staying at the most exquisite lodges.

Do you really want to drive alone? After that, reserve a vehicle and have a local driver pick you up! Experience the “Pearl of Africa” with the help of our professional driver guides, who are both knowledgeable and charming. Book your rental car with Car Rental Drives Africa.

You may rest easy knowing that all hotel reservations, car rentals, and roadside assistance are handled by Car Rental Drives Africa directly, without the middlemen. We also offer the most competitive pricing.


UGANDA – Roadtrip | Drive yourself

Car Rental Uganda with a Driver/Chauffeur

Renting a car with a driver guide helps you reach your desired destinations stress free. The driver will be there to ensure your drive to your destination until all the days you intend to have the car with you.

In case you are not familiar with driving on Ugandan roads, then renting out a car alongside a driver will surely make it easy for you. Car rental drives will always ensure you have a descent guide who will suit your interests and make sure it is worthy.

For tourists intending to visit tour destinations like national parks, a knowledgeable safari tour guide will be availed to you and this will make it easier for you to have game drives in the national parks. Having car rental with a driver guide in Uganda is also very helpful when it comes to getting to use most of the services in the country that you may not be aware of.

Car Rental Uganda with Camping Gear

Camping travelers can also rent cars with us at Car Rental Drives as we offer the affordable vehicles and also affordable camping gear. Camping is such an amazing wilderness experience that some travelers may be interested in and also want to hire a cheap car.

For camping gear these can be added onto the vehicle at very affordable costs. Available camping gear include, tents, sleeping bags and sleeping pad. Camping gear is only rented out to individuals who have hired a car with us.

car rental Uganda with camping gear
long term car rental in Uganda 4x4

Long Term Car Rental Uganda

Need a car hire for 28 days, a month, a year to 3 years in Uganda? Car rental drives offers long term car rental Uganda of any class of a car to its customers who need a means of transport from 28 days, 1 month, 2 months up to 3 years. Car Rental Drives offers you the possibility of having a long-term rental for your Vacation/Safari with guaranteed maintenance during your holiday, and it comprehensive insurance for your car rental.

We provide craziest long term offers, deliver clean & moderately tanked (fuel) vehicle to a location of your choice, 24/7 road service in emergency situations, and replacement of the car with another in case the rented one fails, for different periods.

One Way Car Rental in Uganda

Car rental drives’ one way car rental Uganda + 4×4 self drive is available in all cities across Uganda, guaranteeing all our clients to start and end their safari or road trips where they would prefer.

This means you can hire your Car or Van from one location and return it in a different destination at the end of your trip, hence  making any trip possible.

One way Car rentals across borders Beyond Uganda

Whatever your cross country road trip, Car rental drives’ one way car rentals allows you to collect your car from one destination and drop it to another destination.

Self drive gorilla Trekking in Uganda Safari

Car Hire with Pop Up Roof in Uganda

Car Hire Uganda With Pop Up Roof

4×4 Self Drive + Car Hire Uganda With Pop Up Roof: Car rental Drives lets you acquire a Car (Land Cruiser or Safari Van) for wildlife (game drives) viewing without limitations. We mainly hire out sturdy land cruisers with Pop up roof for game drives, not forgetting the all terrain tires to navigate through all roads.

At car rental drives, the land cruisers with pop up roof are offered with a 24/7 back up roadside service, comprehensive  insurance, unlimited mileage.

Car Rental Uganda with a Road Map

A road map in this case is a travel itinerary or details of how your intended travel can be done. Car rentals in Uganda with a road map is best for travelers who are renting a car in Uganda especially for the first time and they do not know of the exact travel routes. The road map helps you with details of how you can drive with advice and suggestions. A road map can also be suggested for a person who wants to travel through Uganda but does not have an idea of the possible stops along the routes or the best accommodation facilities enroute.

An itinerary can also be drafted for an individual who wants to tour Uganda but has no idea of how to have the perfect trip. To have the most suitable trip, you can communicate to us early and we draft a perfect itinerary for you with all desired kinds of destinations as well as activities included.

If you are interested in having a tour itinerary drafted for you, below are a few ideas of what an itinerary in Uganda can be;

Uganda self-drive trip

Car Rental Uganda with a driver guide, camping gear and road map

Car rental in Uganda can also be done combined with hiring camping gear and accompanied by a driver guide with a road map for you. This way of renting a vehicle is perfect for those individuals who have long trips and need a lot of help to get around. This is the easiest way of moving around the country for camping travelers.

Car Rental Uganda with Accommodation

Car Rental Drives in Uganda does not only ensure that you have a desired kind of car to drive but also helps with other needs during the travel if need be. After a long drive, you may want to have a good meal and rest at a safe place for the night. When requested we can help suggest for you the best accommodations according to your road map. These accommodations can be booked in categories as luxury, mid-range or budget.

Renting a car alongside your accommodations helps you travel with comfort knowing that your room is set for a comfortable stay through the night before you embark on another drive the next day. All the above options are available for Car rental drives in Uganda and an individual is free to combine any of them and inform us of their desires when booking.

Tips for Driving in Uganda

Uganda Vlog: African road trip!!

Top Things to Do in Uganda, Places, Attractions & Activities

Uganda! A land of lush pastures, ethereal glens, and jagged peaks. In this region, you can see lions stalking their prey over meadows, hippos lazing in the shallows, and mountain gorillas making their way purposefully through dense forests. In this point on its journey across Africa, the Nile changes from the placid waters of Lake Victoria to the raging torrents it is known for today.

Uganda, a country in East Africa that is less well-known and less-visited than some of its neighbors, is full of surprises and delights. You should know that already because you’re reading this site. You’re probably here because you’re considering a trip to Uganda, or maybe you’ve even already planned one, and you’re wondering what the best attractions are. In that case, you’ve found the ideal place to be.