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Car Rental in Tanzania. Rent a car in the Tanzania and go on the road trip of a lifetime. Pick from a range of our car rentals in Tanzania to enjoy everything Tanzania has to offer. Car rental in Tanzania is a popular way to explore the country’s vast wilderness areas and national parks, and a 4×4 vehicle is the perfect choice for those looking to venture off the beaten path.

With a 4×4 rental in Tanzania, you can easily navigate the country’s rough terrain, including dirt roads, rocky paths, and mountainous areas. Tanzania is home to several world-renowned national parks, including the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and Tarangire National Park, all of which offer amazing wildlife viewing opportunities.

When it comes to renting cars in Tanzania for self-drive vacations, no one does it better than Car Rental Drives Africa.

Both the Toyota Landcruiser and the Toyota RAV4 are dependable and often driven four-wheel drive vehicles in Tanzania, and they make up our fleet. You can relax when you drive around Tanzania because we own all of our rental cars and never use third parties.

Tanzanian 4×4 Jeep rentals start at $250 per day and include unlimited miles, a Bradt Travel Guide, a route map, full insurance, and roadside support available 24/7.

Tanzania Safari (self-drive) – Serengeti + Ngorongoro Wildlife

Tanzania Self-Drive Safari

4×4 Tanzania Self Drive, your ultimate partner for a thrilling and unforgettable adventure in Tanzania. We offer a range of reliable, well-maintained 4×4 vehicles that are perfect for exploring the country’s diverse landscapes, from the stunning national parks to the rugged mountains, pristine beaches, and bustling cities.

Our self-drive car rental service allows you to experience Tanzania at your own pace, with the flexibility to create your own itinerary and explore the hidden gems of the country. With our affordable rates, comprehensive insurance, and reliable customer service, you can rest assured that your trip will be safe, comfortable, and hassle-free. So whether you’re a solo traveler or a group, 4×4 Tanzania Self Drive is the perfect choice for your next adventure. Let’s hit the road and create unforgettable memories together!

Tanzania – Self Drive Safari

Car Rental Tanzania with Driver/Chauffeur

Car hire Tanzania with a driver guide: Car rental drives offers the best car hire Tanzania option to rent a car with a driver guide or chauffeur. We dedicate our  car hire with driver guide or chauffeur option to travelers  who  enjoy the service of a professional driver guide services

We have well mannered driver guides, who fluently speak English, Germany, French, Polish, and Spanish, which undeniably make leisure & business safari holidays/vacations  around Tanzania much easier to all our customers

Besides, our driver-guides also have at least 10 years  of experience in offering first class services to all clients with a guarantee that they arrive safely, and on time to their destination.

Car Rental Tanzania with Driver/Chauffeur

Car Rental Tanzania with Camping Gear/Equipment

Car Rental Tanzania with camping gear: Car rental drives offers an equipped 4×4 Car with quality camping gear/equipment to travelers who are driven by passion for the outdoor camping.

We provide whatever gear you need for your camping safari;  whether it be with a Land cruiser, Rav4s, Nissan Xtrails among others.

We have major Car Rental Tanzania with camping gear like; GPS, camping chairs, camping table, Rooftop tents, gas stoves, water containers(or jerrycans), braai grid, LCD Camping lights, Axe, and spade. Beddings such as Sleeping bags, clean bedsheets, pressure mattresses, bath towels (on request), ground/dome tents, Duvet (when requested).

car rental Tanzania with camping gears

Car Rental Tanzania with Rooftop Tents

Car rental drives offers fully equipped 4×4 Land Cruisers, Hilux, Fortuner with a rooftop tent for an ultimate camping safari/vacation experience in Tanzania.

Whether you are traveling alone, a couple, friends  or with family, Car rental drives has a 4×4 camper  that’s ideal for your next camping adventure.

We offer single, family and double rooftop tent to all customers on a self drive  or guided safari in most of Tanzania’s  beautiful national Parks, reserves and wilderness areas.

Spending a night in the middle of nature, driving your own adventure, and cooking your own food  becomes even more interesting when you rent a car (Land cruiser) with rooftop tent  and camping gear from Car rental Drives.

Car Rental Tanzania with Rooftop

Long Term Car Rental in Tanzania

Need a car for a 28 days, a month up to 3 years? Car rental drives offers long term car rental in Tanzania of any class of a car to its customers who need a means of transport from 28 days, 1 month, 2 months up to 3 years.

Car Rental Drives offers you the possibility of having a long-term rental Tanzania for your Vacation/Safari with guaranteed maintenance during your holiday , and it comprehensive insurance for your car rental.

We provide craziest long term offers, deliver clean & moderately tanked vehicle to a location of your choice, 24/7 road service in emergency situations, and replacement of the car with another in case the rented one fails, for different periods.

Long Term Car Rental in Tanzania

One Way Car Rental in Tanzania

Car rental drives’ one way car rental Tanzania is available in all cities across Tanzania, guaranteeing all our clients to start and end their safari or road trips where they would prefer. This means you can hire your Car or Van from one location and return it in a different destination at the end of your trip, hence making any trip possible.

One way Car rental across borders Beyond Tanzania – Whatever your cross country road trip, Car rental drives’ one way car rentals allows you to collect your car from one destination and drop it to another destination.

One Way Car Rental in Tanzania

Car Hire Tanzania With Pop Up Roof

4×4 Self Drive + Car Hire Tanzania With Pop Up Roof: Car rental Drives lets you acquire a Car (Land Cruiser or Safari Van) for wildlife (game drives) viewing without limitations. We mainly hire out sturdy land cruisers with Pop up roof for game drives, not forgetting the all terrain tires to navigate through all roads.

At car rental drives, the land cruisers with pop up roof are offered with a 24/7 back up roadside service, comprehensive insurance, unlimited mileage so that you can drive for many kilometers within the stated time schedule following our car hire terms & conditions (Our agreement).

Car Hire Tanzania With Pop Up Roof

Things To Do And Places To Visit In Tanzania | Must-See Attractions

Things to Do in Tanzania, Places, Attractions & Activities

While the Great Migration in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park is the country’s most famous attraction, the East African nation has much more to offer in the way of history and wilderness.

Several national parks disperse the country’s population of animals, which is the densest in all of Africa. Some of the most fascinating islands and warm waters in the world may be found off the shore, and underneath them is a magical underwater world. The architecture of urban areas reflects the region’s historical narratives of conflict, conquest, despair, and triumph. You’ll need a lifetime to see everything there is to see in Tanzania, but to get you started, here are some of our recommendations.