The 8 Unique African Safari Experiences By Car Rental Drives

The safari experiences in Africa. the exhilarating shock of discovery, the contagious smiles of wonder. establishing connections with the natural world, new civilizations, and a timeless aspect of oneself. These situations are not necessarily typical… However, they are as common in Africa as the sun rising over the Serengeti.

But this isn’t just any Africa; this is Car Rental Drives Africa. You are treated like a VIP everywhere you go, making it an experience unlike any other. It is a location of delightful surprises and exceptional luxury, mixing excitement and elegance. Felix and Jane Pinto live there, and according to Travel+Leisure, they treat their guests like “well-loved, out-of-town relatives.”

There is simply no experience like a self-drive safari, whether you’re searching for a traditional safari, a private off-the-beaten-path adventure, or a personal investigation of Africa’s indigenous cultures and traditions. We encourage you to look around this area of our website to get a feel for the kind of trip you may expect.