One Way Car Rental Tanzania: Competitive Pricing Nationwide

Car rental drives’ One Way Car Rental Tanzania 4×4 – Competitive Pricing Nationwide; is available in all cities across Tanzania, guaranteeing all our clients to start and end their safari or road trips where they would prefer. This means you can hire your Car or Van from one location and return it in a different destination at the end of your trip, hence  making any trip possible.

One way Car Rentals across borders Beyond Tanzania

Whatever your cross country road trip, Car rental drives’ one way car rentals Tanzania allows you to collect your car from one destination and drop it to another destination. This is only possible after, you have paid an extra fee to acquire a COMESA License, making your holiday possible.

OUR SAFARI OF A LIFETIME (Serengeti Tanzania)

About One way Car Rental Fees in Tanzania

One way car rental Tanzania/self drive 4×4 offers with Car rental drives does not have a fixed drop off or pick up fee. Instead, each location has a different rate attached ranging from $10 to $500. More than 70% of our one way car rental 4×4 return fee is approximately or exceeds $300 due to the different cross border drop off or pick up locations.

The extra fee usually covers the cost of transporting the car back to the location, where you picked it which includes: fuel, driver’s allowance, drivers one night accommodation (night before drop off day). But this fee tents to be much lower if you pick up  and drop off the car by yourself.

Additional offers which make one way car rental more enjoyable are among others;

Private chauffeur/driver guide services, rooftop tents, camping gear, GPS, car with pop up roof, unlimited mileage so you can drive so many kilometers during the day (but not beyond the stated time on the rental agreement i.e. beyond  6:30pm).

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