Top Things to Do in Burundi, Places, Activities & Attractions

Burundi is a small country in Africa, yet it has a lot of beautiful scenery for its size. With a total area of just more than 28,000 square kilometers, the country is almost the same size as Maryland, one of the United States’ smallest states.

Burundi’s diverse ecosystems—from grasslands and forests to expansive lakes—are home to some of the country’s most popular wildlife attractions. Despite the fact that Burundi has no coastline, it does have some fantastic inland beaches perfect for cooling down in one of the country’s many lakes.

Burundi has a surprisingly rich cultural history for such a small country, with influences from both colonial immigrants and indigenous peoples that are well worth exploring.

At the time this article was written, travel to the country was not recommended due to the unstable political situation and recent events involving a military coup. I pray the political events don’t have a devastating effect on the country’s people, culture, and nature. The top tourist destinations in Burundi are listed below.