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Cameroon, a country frequently described as “the heart of Africa,” is a vibrant and soulful place. Large, productive towns are balanced by extensive stretches of wilderness, including mountains, rainforests, and beaches. In addition to English and French, more than 230 indigenous languages are spoken throughout the territory.

Numerous national parks across the country are home to a wide range of animals, giving animal enthusiasts the opportunity to see unusual species up close. The southern Campo Ma’an National Park is home to several gorillas, and other parks occasionally host elephants, hyenas, and giraffes.

Since the roads are generally in decent shape, renting a car and driving around on your own is a lot less of a hassle than it would be in other regions of Africa. Unlike in many other African countries, you won’t get stuck in one area thanks to the reliable public transportation system.

Cameroon is a terrific site to visit in Africa because of its central location and the abundance of music, spectacular landscapes, and unique cultures that you may absorb throughout your stay.

Come with me as I discover the top tourist destinations in Cameroon:

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