Top Things to Do in Zambia, Places, Attractions & Activities

Best Things to Do in Zambia, Places, Attractions & Activities (Updated 2024) beyond going on safari. Zambia is a landlocked country in Southern Africa that gets its name from the Zambezi River. The 73 recognized ethnic groups contribute to the rich cultural diversity celebrated in colourful annual festivals.

Vacationing in Zambia is all about going on safari and checking off “the Big Five” among the country’s 20 parks. Zambia’s parks are still the continent’s finest secret, affording near isolation, so you’ll never have to wait in a large line to take a photo of a lion as you would in other parks in Africa.

You can go swimming in the pool of one of the world’s deepest lakes or snorkeling at the base of the world’s tallest waterfall. Capital city nightlife includes a chance to find Zambia’s next Picasso at an art gallery. Learn more about Southern Africa by checking out these top activities in Zambia.

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