Things to Do in Madagascar, Places, Attractions & Activities

Things to Do in Madagascar, Places, Attractions & Activities. Madagascar, a country known for its lemurs, baobab trees, birds, and jungles, provides tourists with a varied and exciting playground. The vast canyons and gorges, enormous waterfalls, and incredibly varied topography captivated me.

You could be in a subtropical forest one day and a desert the next, all within the span of a few hours! In addition, the number of lemur species is practically infinite.

With only 350,000 annual visitors, you’ll have a lot of the country to yourself despite Madagascar’s isolation and the difficulty of getting affordable flights. (And since you can never tell where the next “it” destination will be, it’s best to visit any given location as soon as possible.)

While I wish I could have spent more time there, I was only able to travel 250km in eight hours due to the bad roads.

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